AI FORUM: Unleash the future of learning

AI FORUM: Unleash the future of learning

AI FORUM: Unleash the future of learning


11–13 Settembre 2024
Il corso è disponibile in English

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, the way we work and operate is undergoing a transformative shift. Imagine a world where AI-driven systems create personalized experiences tailored to each individual's unique needs. Picture data analytics, powered by the formidable capabilities of AI, uncover insights previously hidden in the vast sea of information.

In this future, AI goes beyond science fiction, seamlessly connecting learners and knowledge seekers to endless AI-driven possibilities.

With our previous successful events, the innovation day and the launch of the masterclass on AI,  we have gained insights from leading AI experts and are now gearing up for an even larger and more impactful gathering.

The ITCILO AI Forum is your gateway to this extraordinary future, where AI is not just a tool but a catalyst for operational transformation and efficiency.

AI is redefining the rules across various domains, from knowledge sharing to organizational operations. Every organization, whether approaching AI from an institutional perspective or a project-based standpoint, is striving to understand how to leverage and incorporate this transformative technology. 


Tailored AI Challenges

The Forum serves as a platform where partnering organizations can work and solve their tailored AI challenges. These challenges aim to address specific questions and organizational needs about AI, offering practical solutions to real-world problems.

Challenges can range from policy-related issues, such as creating an AI manifesto for organizations or developing policy documents, to more practical applications of AI within the context of development projects.

To support the process of challenge identification, we have compiled a list of pressing questions on AI, These questions span a wide range of topics and provide a solid foundation for building your own challenge, ensuring that AI integration is smooth and beneficial.

To better frame AI and the challenges that it brings, we are looking at different initiatives: 

What do we want to do and how does it work?

Partner organizations will have the opportunity to send a group of participants to the forum. Over three days, these participants will work together through a full design iteration process to tackle the presented challenge. They will benefit from interactions with other partner groups, inspirational speakers, and networking opportunities. By the end of the forum, each partner group will have developed tangible solutions or strategies to address their specific AI challenge.

During the forum, we will:

  • Facilitate the exploration and implementation of practical solutions spanning from AI applications to policy-oriented strategies.
  • Leverage a design thinking approach to ensure solutions cater to the needs of organizations effectively.
  • Provide a platform where participants, speakers, and organizations collaborate to tackle tailored AI challenges.
  • Enable cross-pollination of ideas among experts and AI enthusiasts to foster innovation and creativity.
Key features of the Forum

Engage in discussions on AI strategies and initiatives


Learn about AI practices and solutions, showcased worldwide, virtually


Craft solutions that address today’s challenges and shape the future


Gain insights from global experts and practitioners in the field

By participating in the forum, you'll gain the opportunity to collaborate with leading experts and innovators in AI, engage in hands-on problem-solving, and develop actionable solutions to real-world challenges. You'll benefit from inspirational talks, networking opportunities, and the chance to work closely with other organizations, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful experience that will drive your AI initiatives forward.

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