AI FORUM: Unleash the future of learning

AI FORUM: Unleash the future of learning

AI FORUM: Unleash the future of learning


11–13 septembre 2024
Le cours est disponible en English
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In the not-so-distant future of 2030, AI will have redefined the very essence of learning, knowledge management and communication. Picture a world where AI-driven educators are not bound by traditional teaching methods but instead craft personalized learning experiences tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Envision a reality where data analytics, powered by the formidable capabilities of AI, unearth insights and knowledge that were once hidden in the vast sea of information. In this future, AI goes beyond science fiction, seamlessly connecting learners and knowledge seekers to endless AI-driven possibilities. AI isn't just a tool; it's a catalyst for knowledge discovery and organization, unleashing a new era of productivity. Generative AI becomes the artist behind knowledge, breathing life into ideas and concepts. The year 2024 is the gateway to this extraordinary future, and the ITCILO AI Forum is your ticket to this time-travel experience. It's here that we embark on a journey to mold this destiny, to be pioneers of the AI revolution in learning and knowledge management. Join us today, to forge the path that redefines the world of knowledge and learning. What do we want to do? Empower international development partners and constituents with a deep understanding of AI's potential and impact. Facilitate the exchange of innovative AI solutions and accelerate their adoption for organizational capacity development. Foster AI Partnerships: Collaborate with stakeholders to drive AI-driven sustainable development initiatives. Design a framework to integrate AI into the world of learning, training and communication.

In this future, AI isn’t just a tool but a catalyst for knowledge discovery and organization. The ITCILO AI Forum is your gateway to this extraordinary future.

Join us at the premier event dedicated to exploring the dynamic of artificial intelligence (AI) and various aspects of learning, including L&D, communication, knowledge management, and more. The ITCILO AI Forum brings together leading AI experts, innovators, and organizations to envision and shape this future.

With our previous successful events, the innovation day and the launch of the masterclass on AI, we have gained insights from leading AI experts and are now gearing up for an even larger and more impactful gathering.

This year, we’re excited to introduce a new element to the forum: tailored AI challenges brought forth by partnering organizations. These challenges are designed to address specific goals, expertise, and challenges in the realm of AI and learning.

To facilitate this process, we have compiled a list of pressing questions on AI, which can serve as a solid foundation for building your own challenge. These questions cover a wide range of topics and can provide valuable insights into areas where AI can make a significant impact.

Here's how it works
  • Partner organizations will have the opportunity to send a group of participants to the forum.
  • These participants will work together throughout the three days to tackle the presented challenge through a full design iteration process.
  • While engaging in this challenge, participants will also benefit from interactions with other partner groups, inspirational speakers, and networking opportunities.
  • By the end of the forum, each partner group will have developed tangible solutions or strategies to address their specific AI challenge.

Through collaboration, inspiration from speakers, and networking opportunities, participants will develop tangible solutions or strategies to address their specific AI challenge.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative experience.

Join us at the ITCILO AI Forum 2024 and shape the future of learning with AI. Register now to secure your spot and unlock endless possibilities.

What do we want to do?
  • Facilitate the exploration and implementation of practical solutions spanning from AI applications to policy-oriented strategies.
  • Leverage a design thinking approach to ensure solutions cater to the needs of organizations effectively.
  • Provide a platform where participants, speakers, and organizations collaborate to tackle tailored AI challenges.
  • Enable cross-pollination of ideas among experts and AI enthusiasts to foster innovation and creativity.
What will happen?
  • Participants will engage in intensive design thinking workshops over three days, focusing on their specific AI challenge.
  • Networking opportunities will abound, allowing participants to connect with experts and enthusiasts from various fields.
  • The forum will serve as a melting pot of ideas, fostering cross-pollination and collaboration among participants.
  • Inspirational speakers will provide insights and guidance throughout the event, enhancing the problem-solving process and driving innovation.

Get ready to discover innovative solutions that address the challenges of today and shape the future of tomorrow.

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