Certification programme on contracting and managing consultants

Certification Programme on Procurement Management for Selection and Recruitment of Consultants

Certification programme on contracting and managing consultants

18 Ottobre–10 Dicembre 2021
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This online certification programme explores the procurement principles underpinning the various approaches, methods and arrangements used for selecting consultants. It presents an overview of the different types of consultants' organizations and a detailed explanation of the procedures for recruiting consultants. Particular emphasis is placed on building the competence of the participants in transforming the consultant selection process from a subjective exercise into a disciplined and defensible procedure built on measurable criteria.

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National and international public procurement practitioners; procurement staff of national agencies; project directors and procurement staff of projects funded by IFIs (World Bank, Asian, African, Islamic and European Development Banks, etc.); United Nations, European Union and NGOs personnel; other officers involved in the financing, control and monitoring of national procurement operations involving the selection and recruitment of consultants