E-Learning on Administrative Solutions for Extending Coverage

E-Learning on Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension

E-Learning on Administrative Solutions for Extending Coverage

2 Maggio–10 Giugno 2022
Il corso è disponibile in English
What will I learn?

This course uses the recently updated ISSA Guidelines on Administrative Solutions for Extending Coverage as a framework for assessing challenges and identifying innovations.

  • Creating an enabling environment: understanding the role of the authorities; how to extend coverage and identify gaps
  • Institutional readiness: formulating a social security extension plan and understanding the needs of difficult-to cover groups
  • Cost-effective registration systems to reach out to difficult-to-cover groups
  • Increasing awareness and reaching out: main components of a communication strategy; how to build trust with the target population
  • Contribution collection and compliance: establishing contribution rates and frequency; building a compliance strategy
  • Delivering services and benefits: formulating a citizen-centred service delivery plan; electronic payment and service delivery; coordination and portability.
Prove your skills with a Diploma

This course is part of one Diploma programme:

What will I be able to do?
  • Understand core administrative approaches to extend coverage of social security programmes based on international best practice
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of social security professionals in the field of extending the coverage of social security
  • Utilise the ISSA Guidelines as a framework for implementing administrative solutions to extend of coverage
  • Develop country-tailored innovations drawing on experience from other countries
Why should I join?
  • ISSA-accredited experts with decades of international experience in social security administration
  • Join and interact online with a global network of professionals from other ISSA member organizations to share learning and best practicess
  • This new e-learning course consists of a blend of online resources on good practices and case studies, ‘real time’ interactive sessions led by highly experienced trainers, individual and collaborative group exercises using our eCampus platform
  • Successful candidates receive an ITCILO Certificate of Achievement

The course consists of a number of online modules offered through the eCampus online platform to be completed over a period of six weeks from 2 May – 10 June 2022, for an estimated total of 60 learning hours. The course is broken down into three phases.

  • Pre-course learning: Flexible (asynchronous) self-guided online learning on eCampus and an end of phase assessment.
  • “Real time” learning: Live interactive sessions and engaging video presentations by highly experienced trainers, blended with individual and collaborative group exercises, peer-to-peer assessment and online technical forums on eCampus.
  • End of course assignment: Individual assignment applying ISSA Guidelines to the participants organization. Participants who successfully complete all assessments and the final assignment will receive a Certificate of Achievement.