Continuing Legal Education on International Labour Standards

International labour standards

Continuing Legal Education on International Labour Standards

cle on ils

Continuing Legal Education on International Labour Standards (CLE on ILS) is an innovative, immersive, online educational experience designed to advance legal practitioners worldwide. Throughout it, participants gain advanced critical thinking, professional knowledge, and skills to use international labour law to settle labour disputes and to interpret and complement domestic law, including in times of crisis, like the one generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, where rights at work are at risk and a sound and unitary case law is key.

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Key features

Set aside your time to complete each course


Prominent judges, law professors and lawyers from all continents deliver 25 engaging video pills


Join the network of peers and experts studying and using ILS


Use your participation certificate to get accreditation


Legal practitioners around the world engage in lifelong professional development through continuing legal education. ILS are a highly valuable resource for domestic judges and lawyers for strengthening domestic case law on labour issues.

The International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO) thus offers CLE on ILS to equip new generations of legal practitioners, so that they:

  • are familiar with the legal doctrine and methods used to bring international law into play in legal proceedings at the national level;
  • are able to use appropriately in a domestic legal context the substance of international labour law and the work of the ILO supervisory bodies;
  • have the tools to compare and situate their national legal systems with those of other countries;
  • know points of access – resources and databases – to the documented results of the work of the international supervisory bodies that can be drawn upon accurately for use nationally.
  • Magistrates.
  • Lawyers.
  • Legal experts from employers’ and workers’ organizations.
  • University law teachers and students.
  • Legal educators responsible for training judges and lawyers.

CLE on ILS consists of three online courses in self-guided modality.

  • Web 1: Introduction to ILS


Optional automated course embedded into the package. Legal practitioners are strongly encouraged to follow it, because it provides entry-level guidance on ILS.

  • Web 2: Foundations for the judicial use of ILS nationally


Online course specifically designed for legal practitioners. It explores the different types of judicial use of international labour law, according to the role domestic courts attribute to international law, and the possible obstacles.

  • Web 3: The judicial use of the work of the ILO supervisory bodies


Online course tailored to legal practitioners. It presents the sources of international labour law available to them and, in particular, the work of the ILO supervisory bodies, its relevance and possible judicial use.

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