Advisory services


Advisory services

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We are part of a global network of learning service providers linked to ILO constituents and other development partners, including UN agencies and international NGOs. Today, these organizations face a market environment punctuated by a pandemic, training budget cuts, and environmental concerns around travel. They look to us for strategic advice when it comes to planning and management.

What are advisory services?

We provide advisory services on the design and implementation of capacity development strategies, covering aspects like results framework development, service portfolio management, knowledge management and learning innovation, service factory operations, service marketing and service costing. We emphasize digital transformation. In particular, we promote digital learning and collaboration technologies as a means of scaling up outreach while reducing costs.

Our Learning Innovation Lab, opening in 2022, will demonstrate the potential of cutting-edge digital learning and collaboration technologies, including holography and augmented and virtual reality.

What our partners say

The report is impressive in its detail and sweep, rigor and depth. Many recommendations are excellent and spot on and there is rich data on good practices from other IFIs.

Jazira Asanova
Principal Operations Coordination Specialist, Office of the Director General. South Asia Regional Department, Asian Development Bank
Examples of advisory services