Consultoría y asesoramiento


Consultoría y asesoramiento

Ofrecemos asesoramiento estratégico.

We dive into a broad range of issues, develop our findings, and present our recommendations to empower your organization.

What we do

We offer technical advisory services for constituent organizations and other development partners, including United Nations agencies and international NGOs. Our work may include, but is not limited to, institutional capacity assessments, digital transformation, and application training

For example, in the past we have helped clients improve or develop systems for customer relationship management, digital monitoring and evaluation, and digital certifications. We draw upon our strong in-house knowledge to provide actionable feedback for clients.

Capacity assessment

In 2022, we conducted an institutional assessment of the Industrial Relations Institute in Bangladesh. The assessment informed a set of recommendations meant to further strengthen the institution’s capacity and sustain its operations in the coming years. 

In our evaluation, we assessed the institution’s current level of sustainability, identified challenges and obstacles in the implementation process, and provided insights on how to overcome constraints and meet relevant recommendations.

The direct beneficiary of the assignment was the institution’s senior management, although indirect beneficiaries include tripartite constituents who are better-positioned to receive capacity building support in the future.

Digital capacity improvement

The overall objective of our digital capacity improvement plan for the ILO Viet Nam office was to help achieve its Decent Work Country Plan and meet the high-level objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Country Framework

In the short-term, we aimed to strengthen the office’s capacity to harness digital learning and collaboration solutions to boost the scale, impact, and sustainability of its services for constituents.

Concretely, we drew up a five-year capacity development plan that is expected to generate results in the short- and long-term.

Performance review

In 2021, we worked with the African Regional Labour Administration Centre (ARLAC) to evaluate the progress made in implementing the recommendations provided in a previous consultancy.

Specifically, our team’s evaluation emphasized progress made in the implementation of the current Strategic Plan, especially training modules. Our analytical framework is rooted in the Balanced Scorecard approach – a widely-used framework that seeks to balance financial and non-financial objectives. 

Contact us

Drop us a line at with any questions you may have.

Qué dicen nuestros participantes

El informe es impresionante en cuanto al nivel de detalle y extensión, rigor y profundidad. Muchas recomendaciones son excelentes y acertadísimas, y cuentan con gran cantidad de datos sobre buenas prácticas de otras instituciones financieras internacionales.

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