Academy on Gender, Inclusion and the Future of Work

Academy on Gender, Inclusion and the Future of Work

Academy on Gender, Inclusion and the Future of Work

15 November–10 December 2021
The course is available in English, Français, Español
Introduction to the academy

Cutting-edge topics in the new post-Covid "normal" are presented and discussed in keynote lectures with simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Spanish. The Academy will cover digitalization processes and inclusion, care work and the care economy, work-life integration and telework, key equality and inclusion issues in the workplace, and future perspectives.

Who attends this academy?

A global event on gender, inclusion and the future of work, bringing together experts and successful practitioners.

ITCILO Gender Equality Memorial Fund

Support the empowerment of indigenous women by contributing to the ITCILO Gender Equality Memorial Fund (GEMF)! GEMF provides scholarships to indigenous women’s advocates to attend the Gender Academy and build their capacity to promote indigenous women’s rights.

What topics does this academy cover?

This academy aims to broaden the conversation around gender equality in the world of work.

  • International law, workplace measures, and dialogue at work
  • Feminist pedagogies and methodologies for gender-responsive training
  • A gender perspective on climate change and environmental transformations
What will I learn?

Participants attend plenary sessions and elective workshops to discuss and learn alongside their peers.

  • How to facilitate gender equality through design thinking, a creative solutions process
  • All about unconscious gender bias, and how it plays out in the workplace
  • The importance of participatory gender audits, and the tools needed to implement them
What will I be able to do?

Gender equality is a cross-cutting initiative in the world of work.

  • Dismantle patterns of discrimination and disadvantage in the workplace
  • Address violence and harassment in the world of work
  • Approach workplace transformations through a gender equality lens
Why should I join?

The Turin Centre is known for its unconventional and highly effective learning methodologies.

  • Subject matter specialists from around the world share insight on gender-related issues.
  • Simultaneous interpretation in English, French, and Spanish is available for plenary sessions.
  • A selection of workshops is available; follow a thematic journey or mix and match sessions.
Participants and experts
Learning journeys
Global gender marketplace
How do I apply for the Gender Academy?

Candidates must also provide the following supporting mandatory documents:

  • Sponsor support letter or a statement on how you intend to finance your participation

If your employer funds your participation, we will also need:

  • An official sponsorship letter from the candidate’s institution

To apply for the Academy, fill in the on-line registration form (containing CV, personal and professional details and motivation).

For information please contact us.

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