Leadership skills: making teams effective (blended)

Leadership skills: making team effective (blended)
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Leadership skills: making teams effective (blended)

5 June–28 July 2024
The course is available in English
Introduction to the course

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, marked by digital transformations and global crises, the role of leadership has never been more critical. This comprehensive course addresses the dual challenges of navigating complex crises and leading in the digital age, emphasizing the development of strategic executive management skills, fostering a culture of quality, and sustaining organizational change. It prepares leaders to inspire and motivate teams, harnessing the power of transformational leadership and digital tools to achieve excellence. Modern management extends beyond traditional supervisory roles, requiring a blend of managerial and interpersonal skills to effectively manage diverse and highly qualified teams. This course aims to enhance managers' abilities to assemble, develop, and coordinate teams that maximize synergies and maintain high morale, fostering a conducive environment for achieving organizational objectives. Through interactive simulations, discussions, and the application of powerful models, trainees will not only refine their strategic leadership profiles but also learn to navigate the complexities of modern leadership, ensuring their teams are more than the sum of their parts.

Who attends this course?

The course is designed for mid to senior-level managers, project and programme coordinators, heads of technical departments, NGO leaders, professionals looking to enhance their leadership skills, with at least one year of team experience and fluency in English.

What topics does this course cover?
  • Leadership vs. Management: Enhance your understanding and apply the right balance to maximize team performance.
  • Crisis Management: Learn strategies to prevent or manage crises effectively, ensuring organizational resilience.
  • Digital Leadership: Adapt leadership techniques to the digital era, leveraging technology for improved team dynamics and performance.
  • Team Coordination: Develop skills to assemble, develop, and coordinate effective teams, maximizing synergy and maintaining high morale and trust.
  • Motivational Theories: Apply theories and techniques to inspire and motivate team members towards achieving organizational objectives.
What will I be able to do?
  • Understand the impact of global challenges on organizations and how to lead effectively through them.
  • Develop and apply management and leadership skills to achieve organizational objectives efficiently.
  • Enhance interpersonal and communication skills to foster a collaborative and innovative work environment.
  • Master negotiation and conflict management strategies to navigate organizational goals.
  • Implement team-building models for effective teamwork and understand motivational theories to enhance team performance.
Why should I join?
  • Expert trainers with extensive leadership, change management and digital transformation experience.
  • Practical learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Diverse participant group, providing a rich networking opportunity.
  • Conducive location in Turin, Italy on the UN campus, contributing to a learning atmosphere.

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