Designing public employment programmes (PEPs)

Designing public employment programmes (PEPs)
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Designing public employment programmes (PEPs)

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4–29 Noviembre 2024
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Public employment programmes (PEPs) - or public works programmes - are adaptive policy instruments that can create employment, fill gaps in the provision of assets or services, complement social protection provisions and contribute to active labour market policies (ALMPs). They do so by providing a form of activation for participants when market conditions limit the alternatives. In this way, societies can prevent or mitigate many of the negative social and economic impacts of unemployment, not only for participants but also for wider society. This course will cover the policy and design features of PEPs, taking into account design challenges, and will share current experiences of how these programme have been used to respond to socio-economic crises. The course will include experiences from both high, middle and low-income countries and will provide tools for enabling effective programme design in achieving multiple objectives.

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The course is intended for professionals involved in designing and implementing local, sectoral, national and global strategies for the transition to greener economies and climate change adaptation. The course specifically targets: - Government officials operating at the local, provincial and national levels; - ILO and UN staff and development practitioners; - Donor organizations which are working or would like to work on climate change adaptation and just transition; - Public investment and employment policy advisers; - Research and education institutions.

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