Certification course on developing an impactful Community of Practice

Knowledge network facilitation certification programme (online)
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Certification course on developing an impactful Community of Practice


23 Septiembre–8 Noviembre 2024
El curso está disponible en English
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Presentación del curso

In an era where the collective intelligence within organizations is a major driver of innovation and success, understanding the distinction between mere information sharing and genuine knowledge networking becomes crucial. Strategic formation and management of Communities of Practice (CoP) and facilitating knowledge networking within these communities unlocks a multitude of benefits for organizations as well as for the members at a personal level. These benefits includes among others, nurturing areas of strategic competence and embracing innovative changes to enhancing cross-organizational knowledge sharing on critical issues relevant to any domain of work.

Impactful communities are vibrant ecosystems where knowledge is mobilized to achieve specific, high-quality results, transcending formal boundaries, facilitating peer-to-peer professional growth and developing practical, relevant skills. However, the potential of communities often remains untapped, with many falling short in terms of participation and value delivery. This gap highlights the need for skilled facilitators who can optimize the networking within the communities for maximum impact. Whether you are aiming to initiate a new CoP, enhance an existing one, expand it into a robust knowledge network or elevate your own role within your community, this course provides the foundation and advanced strategies to achieve success. Get ready to empower yourself and others as you pave the way for a future where collaborative knowledge and community engagement lies at its heart.

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

Programme and project managers, knowledge management officers, monitoring and evaluation officers, technical specialists, project professionals, professionals from private enterprises, academicians and researchers who are responsible for organizational initiatives that hinge on engagement and knowledge sharing. It serves current Community of Practice (CoP) members seeking to expand their networks and exchange expertise to further organizational goals and objectives to those who are seeking to develop one. It is ideal for anyone interested in elevating an organization's collective competence and those focused on strategic capability development.

Why should I join?

This course is delivered through distance learning and deployed on the ITCILO e-Campus. It frees you from the classroom and gives you the flexibility to complete the learning modules at your own pace, within the module and course timeframe, and to work on weekly assignments within your schedule. Furthermore:

  • The course was developed and is implemented by Knowledge Management experts and practitioners, drawing on real-life scenarios.
  • The course takes advantage of practical case studies from different countries as well as relevant reports from various UN and other International agencies.
  • Participants are challenged to work on their own case studies, ensuring a hands-on learning experience.
  • Successful participants receive a professional certification attesting their capacity to effectively develop and implement impactful CoPs.
  • Receive individualized feedback and tutoring, while building your international network.
  • Participants keep access to the e-Campus course training materials and references.
What topics does this course cover?
  • Design Thinking for CoP Development
  • Innovative Engagement Techniques in Digital Era CoPs
  • Technology and Tools for Knowledge Capture, Sharing and Networking
  • Cross-Cultural Dynamics in Global CoPs
  • Leadership and Influence without Authority in CoPs
  • Measuring Success and Impact in CoPs
  • Fostering Resilience and Adaptability in CoPs
How will I learn?

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, with one-on-one guidance throughout your learning journey. Consisting of seven self-guided modules, knowledge tests, a discussion forum, and weekly individual assignments and case studies created by the course designers and implementers. This balanced mix of self-guided modules, interactive activities, and individual coaching will help you develop practical skills to effectively build and manage a CoP in the context of your own work. Expect to invest approximately eight to ten hours’ time per week for a total of at least 60 hours.

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