Communication for Development

Communication for Development
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Communication for Development

15–17 Octubre 2024
El curso está disponible en English
Presentación del curso

Discover the transformative power of communication for development with our comprehensive course. Designed for individuals passionate about driving real change, this course offers a practical and immersive learning experience. Over 3 days, participants will delve into the strategic aspects of communication in the development sector, testing out the tools and skills needed to make a lasting impact. Our instructors, experts in the field, will not only share their knowledge but also facilitate a vibrant exchange of ideas. Join us on this exciting journey! Together, we will explore the latest trends and innovative approaches in communication for development, empowering you to unleash your creativity and drive positive change. Are you ready to unlock your potential?

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

This course attracts a diverse range of people dedicated to driving development and fostering effective communication. It is tailored for professionals from various backgrounds, including development experts, policy makers, communication officers, project managers, and creative professionals. This unique blend of expertise and perspectives results in a rich learning experience where participants can exchange ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and develop innovative approaches.

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What can I expect?

This course offers a personalized learning experience that caters to your specific interests and professional needs. In our Design Thinking Lab, you will collaborate with participants in your line of work or area of expertise, enabling you to focus on your goals.

Choose between one of the following learning streams:

  • Communication campaigns. Dive into the art of organizing targeted efforts to convey impactful messages through diverse channels. 
  • Donor reporting. Learn how to provide comprehensive updates to donors, ensuring transparency and showcasing the positive impact of their contributions.
  • Social media. Explore the world of online platforms and harness their potential to foster interactive communication, facilitate networking, and share valuable content.
  • Project communication: Develop the expertise to strategically disseminate project-related information and messages to stakeholders and target audiences.
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How is it structured?

This course follows a balanced structure to ensure an engaging learning experience. Here’s how it works:

  • Expert talks. Engage in enlightening sessions led by communication experts who explore relevant topics. Through their insights, you will gain a deeper understanding of key concepts and emerging trends.
  • Design lab. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment, where you will engage with other participants and foster collective intelligence. This hands-on learning activity will empower you to develop your skills and create inspiring projects.
  • Practical workshops. Apply your newly-acquired knowledge and techniques immediately with a full day of mini workshops. You’ll walk away with tangible improvements that can be implemented in your daily work.
Detailed schedule

Day 1: 24 October


Morning session:

Participants get an overview of the course and select their thematic streams. An icebreaker activity follows to foster interaction and engagement. After a short coffee break, a communication expert delivers a keynote speech on the essential concepts in C4D (Communication for Development). The session concludes with a Q&A and open discussion.

Afternoon session:

The afternoon session focuses on the Design Lab, where participants engage in collaborative idea generation and brainstorming. Participants are introduced to design challenges relevant to their thematic streams. Stakeholder mapping helps groups gain insights into relevant perspectives. Then, participants dive into creating user personas, enabling a deeper understanding of target audiences.

Day 2: 25 October


Morning session:

The day starts with a recap of Day 1's highlights, and participants are prepared for the new day ahead. ITCILO facilitators talk about speaking skills, including tips on giving presentations, delivering pitches, and enhancing speaking abilities through a breath coach activity. After a coffee break, a communication expert delivers a keynote speech on the latest trends in C4D. Participants then have the chance to engage in a Q&A and discuss emerging trends with the expert.

Afternoon session:

The afternoon session once again involves the Design Lab, this time focusing on prototyping and developing communication strategies. Ideation cards and storytelling cards are introduced to inspire creativity.

Day 3: 26 October


Morning session:

Participants begin the day by reviewing the previous day's events and preparing for today's activities. ITCILO facilitators present on impact and analytics, emphasizing the importance of understanding outcomes. After a coffee break, participants finalize and refine their pitches in preparation for presenting them later in the day. The pitching session commences, where participants present their ideas, and valuable feedback is provided by peers and facilitators.

Afternoon session:

The afternoon involves practical workshops where participants gain hands-on experience in various communication skills. Workshops include Photography for effective storytelling, Video production techniques for impactful messages, Audio production and podcasting for engaging content, Effective writing for diverse communication channels, Design principles for visual communication, and Social media strategies for interactive communication. A final coffee break precedes the wrap-up session and closing remarks, marking the conclusion of the course.


The course is provided by the Learning Innovation Programme of the ITCILO. Massimiliano Leone, Melisa Zelaya, and Alexa Wybraniec will be your facilitators and coaches. They will be joined by a team of international communication experts who will inspire you with personal stories, inspirational talks, and out-of-the box ideas.

Previous speakers
  • Roxanna Samii, Former Chief Digital Strategy at UN Environment: Roxanna is a highly accomplished communication professional with extensive experience in international financial institutions and the United Nations. She is a skilled social media strategist with expertise in knowledge management for development.
  • Jennifer Hauseman, Former Director of Communication and Information Management at the International Committee of the Red Cross: Jennifer is a seasoned expert in communication and information management, specializing in humanitarian work. She spearheaded modernizing initiatives, digitizing communications and implementing human-centered project management.
  • Alessandra Vellucci, Director at United Nations Information Service: Alessandra is a distinguished leader in public information, communications, international relations, and training within the United Nations. She held progressive positions, including Chief of the Intergovernmental Support Service at UNCTAD in Geneva.

Upon successful completion of this course, which includes a final assessment, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement - a testament to your dedication, commitment, and knowledge. Add it to your email signature, LinkedIn profile, and personal website to showcase your professional development.

Take your communication skills to the next level with a Communication for Development course facilitated by United Nations professionals and global experts. Personalize your training by choosing from learning streams like communication campaigns, donor reporting, social media, or project communication. 


Are you ready to drive real change and make a lasting impact?

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Tailor-made course

Looking for a learning experience tailored to your specific needs? Our Learning Innovation team specializes in creating customized design thinking and communication workshops that cater to the unique requirements of local, national, and international stakeholders.

Whether you need a workshop that addresses specific challenges in your organization or are looking to enhance the communication skills of your team, we can create a programme that aligns with your objectives.

Our customized workshops go beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. We leverage design thinking methodologies to ensure that the learning experience is engaging, interactive, and highly relevant to your context. By collaborating closely with you, we develop a programme that addresses your specific challenges and empowers you to achieve your goals effectively.

Contact our team today to explore the possibilities and learn more about our customized learning experiences.

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