Cooperación para el desarrollo


Cooperación para el desarrollo

We manage development projects.

We provide long-term support to project teams around the world, in areas like human resources, finance, and monitoring and evaluation.

The Centre works with global stakeholders on development cooperation projects that aim to support decent work. We provide assistance in areas such as human resources, finance, administration, and monitoring and evaluation.

These projects complement the ILO’s efforts to change social norms and promote equality in the world of work. We focus on advancing the Decent Work Agenda and partnering with diverse stakeholders to improve overall impact.

We combine training for individuals and advisory services for institutions to create multi-stakeholder capacity development projects. These projects may come from grant agreements, development partners, and the private sector.

In 2020, the Centre managed two large procurement training projects; one in Nepal and Bangladesh and another in Italy. The Centre also won a bid issued by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for procurement management training.

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