E-Learning on Digital Transformation in Social Protection

E-learning on digital transformation in social protection
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E-Learning on Digital Transformation in Social Protection

29 avril–14 juin 2024
Le cours est disponible en English

This e-learning course is organized by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO), in cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Social Security Association (ISSA).

Présentation du cours

A solid and efficient use of data and technological innovation are crucial to improve the efficiency of social security institutions, especially nowadays, in an always increasingly digitalized world. In such context, this course is designed to develop and improve the skills of social protection experts and practitioners in the implementation, reform and governance of digital transformation of their institutions. The principal aim will be to impart the skills required to analyse the current system of their institutions and find practical solutions to improve it through the creation and application of digital solutions and mechanisms.

Groupes cibles

This course is targeted at social protection experts, practitioners, managers and executives from social protection institutions, ministries, international organizations, social partners and civil society who are tasked with the digitalisation and in the management of the information system of the institutions they are working for. Participants from ISSA member institutions will benefit from a special course fee.

*Mr Rodrigo Assumpçao is currently serving as CEO of DATAPREV, Ministry of Management and Innovation of Brazil

What will I learn?
  • Foundations of digital transformations, benefits and challenges
  • Digital transformation and social security
  • Business models and the schemes to adapt them to a digital world
  • Big data and how they can be used as a strategic asset
  • Digital transformation strategies, recent technological trends and developments
  • Digital transformation, management and governance of social security institutions
  • Your way to digital: how to transform your social security institution
What will be able to do?
  • Define digital transformation, its core principles and elements
  • Outline the importance of digital transformation and the use of digital technologies for social security institutions, their core principles and processes
  • Illustrate processes and ways in which digital technologies and tools can improve the functioning of social security institutions
  • Frame your digital transformation work  based on robust contextual evidence and problem analyses
  • Analyse the system and organisation of social security institutions, assess their shortcomings and select ways in which digital transformation can improve them
  • Apply the key steps of the digital transformation strategy to develop impactful strategies to consolidate existing digital transformation processes and build new ones
Why should I join?
  • Renowned experts with decades of international experience in management, business strategy, innovation and social security
  • Join and interact online with a network of professionals from different backgrounds and organizations to share learning and best practices
  • This e-learning course consists of a blend of online resources and case studies, ‘real time’ interactive sessions led by highly experienced trainers, individual and collaborative group exercises using our E-Campus platform
  • Successful participants receive an ITCILO Certificate of Achievement.
Prove your skills with a Diploma

 This course is an eligible course for:

To achieve the Diploma, successful candidates must complete four courses within a five-year period and undertake a capstone assessment.


Each week, participants will

  • Join live sessions  focusing on specific topics)
  • Consult engaging learning materials  on the course platform (self-paced)
  • Share knowledge and experiences  through dedicated technical forums  (self-paced)
  • Build their own proposal  on digital transformation and social security institutions

Participants should expect to dedicate a maximum of 10 hours to engaging in course activities each week.

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