Introduction aux normes internationales du travail

Introduction to International Labour Standards

Introduction aux normes internationales du travail

Le cours est disponible en English, Français, Español

Ce cours en ligne vise à faciliter une compréhension de base par le grand public des normes internationales du travail (nit) en tant qu'instruments importants répondant aux changements constants dans le monde du travail, en vue d’assurer la protection des travailleurs et de prendre compte les besoins des entreprises durables.

Key features

Set aside around one hour to complete the course


Learn with examples, case studies, videos, quizzes and points of interest


Access the list of resources at the end to know more about ILS


Create and download your participation certificate upon completion 

Groupes cible
  • Mandants tripartites de l'oit
  • Le système des nations unies
  • Non-spécialistes
  • Grand public
What will I learn?
  • Understanding of what ILS are, the reasons for their development, their relevance and how they are used today.
  • Understanding of how ILS are adopted and promoted, and how their application is supervised.
  • Knowledge of the subjects covered by ILS, and their content.
How is the course organized?
  • Knowledge assessment at the start and at the end of the course. 
  • Three substantive sections, with the last one which is optional.
  • Interactive and engaging approach.
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