Events and meetings


Events and meetings

Organizing conferences and large-scale dialogue events

Our outreach, your mission

Networking and knowledge sharing on the global stage

The Centre organizes and manages large-scale events that support sustainable development. The Turin campus is known as a destination for international academies and dialogue events. It is also a global innovation hub where people come to test out learning technologies that are not yet available in the field.

What types of events does the Centre support?

We do it all, from online fairs to augmented and virtual reality-powered meetings, from online communities of practice to high-level conferences. Our goal is to unlock scale effects and promote innovative, blended learning on a global scale.

We are responsible for the organization, management, and hosting of events. We use a proven set of practices and draw on our in-house expertise in topics as varied as design, promotion, logistics, evaluation, and reporting to create events of different size and scope.

Like much of the work we do, events and meetings are available in online or face-to-face formats, or a blend of both.

What our participants say

There was a practical change after the workshop. We started to carry out audits on productivity for our members as a new service.

Chavonne Cummins
Labour Management Advisor, Barbados Employers’ Confederation
Examples of events and meetings