Digital Learning Innovation Lab

Digital Learning Innovation Lab

Digital Learning Innovation Lab


28 Outubro–6 Dezembro 2024
O curso está disponível em English
Apresentação do curso

The Digital Innovation Lab is a fully online programme designed to spark inspiration and provide guidance for learning and development institutions around the world to successfully digitalize and innovate their training initiatives and events. Inspired by Radcliff's framework for digital innovation, we understand learning as, first and foremost, an experience that should transform systems of knowledge and skills.

Perfil dos participantes

The course aims to provide insights on supporting digital innovation processes and online training packaging services. The following list of participants describes the ideal target audience: 

  • Technical specialists involved in or interested in blended, hybrid and fully-remote capacity building initiatives
  • Leaders and managers of skills development organizations in charge of innovation and digitalization
  • Policy and decision-makers in the field of digitalization and innovation within skills development
  • Representatives of employers' or workers' organizations responsible for or/ interested in distance and blended learning coordination
  • Trainers and facilitators interested in leveraging on latest methods and tools for online delivery.
What topics does the course cover?


  • Embrace Digital Inclusion Principles: Learn how to create inclusive learning environments, reaching every corner of the digital landscape and ensuring equal access for all.
  • Embrace effective e-strategies: Familiarize yourself with e-learning methodologies by actively participating in the ITCILO e-learning program and its virtual environment


  • Navigate Training with AI: Seize the potential of AI to amplify your training impact, exploring innovative ways to collaborate with intelligent technologies in the learning journey.


  • Elevate Engagement with Digital Facilitation: Unleash dynamic virtual sessions using cutting-edge methods and tools, turning your events into vibrant, interactive learning experiences.

Join us in this transformative journey to revolutionize your training approach and stay ahead in the digital age!

What is the course methodology?

Embark on a dynamic 6-week online learning adventure that redefines professional development.

  • Engage in participatory plenary synchronous sessions that foster real-time interactions and insights.
  • Dive into self-guided materials and individual study time, tailoring your learning to your unique needs.
  • Collaborate with peers through interactive peer-to-peer sessions, gaining diverse perspectives and forging lasting connections.
  • Guided by seasoned experts, our coaching sessions provide you with personalized guidance to conquer challenges and seize opportunities.

Our course is designed with your busy schedule in mind, with an estimated weekly workload of up to 4 hours. Embrace this transformative journey and revolutionize your training expertise in a way that works for you.

Course Structure

1 week - 4-6 hours

Platform Entry: Log in to our dynamic virtual platform to kickstart your journey.

Personal Handbook: Download your comprehensive guide to resources and tools for success.

Vision Crafting exercise: Create a vivid future vision of your digital strategy.

Tailored Learning Path: Choose from a range of modules to customize your learning path based on your interests and aspirations.

Expert Coach Connection: Engage in a personalized session with your expert coach to discuss experiences, challenges, and achievements.

Buddy Collaboration: Partner with your learning buddy to identify shared challenges, and exchange resources, fostering collaborative solutions for mutual growth.

3 weeks: 15-20 hours

Personalized Learning: Learn about digital facilitation topics based on your modular learning path for three immersive weeks.

Expert Insights: Engage in live webinars led by experts.

Interactive Exploration: Immerse yourself in interactive lessons, curated materials, and a glossary of terms to deepen your understanding of digital innovation.

Practical Application: Translate theory into action through hands-on tasks, honing your digital facilitation skills for real-world training scenarios.

1 week: 2-4 hours

Coach Guidance: Engage in a second session with your expert coach to discuss your journey and seek guidance to implement your vision.

Buddy Reflection: Reconnect with your learning buddy to share insights, takeaways, and forge lasting connections that extend beyond the course, propelling you towards ongoing growth.

1 week: 4-8 hours

Final Plenary Gathering: Join fellow participants and tutors for a concluding plenary session.

Course Evaluation: Reflect on your learning journey, assess your progress, and provide valuable feedback to enhance the course for future learners.

Digital Innovation Plan: Craft and submit your Digital Innovation Plan, encapsulating your insights, strategies, and visions for impactful implementation.


By the end of the course and upon successful completion of course requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement in the form of digital credentials.



The Learning Innovation Programme of the ITCILO in collaboration with the European Training Foundation and other partners is in charge of the design and delivery of this training.

We detect new trends, we review good practices and we support partners and constituents in the delivery of inclusive digital learning experiences.


Keep People Interested, Involved, Inspired.... This is the new definition of KPIs that technology-enhanced learning experiences should aim, measure and assess. This online course aims at co-defining pedagogical ingredients that contribute to human-connected digital learning.

Alessia Messuti
Learning Innovation Officer and Certified Facilitator

Learning through contemporary digital ecosystems happens – first and foremost – through active sharing of experiences, views and knowledge, and taps on the collective intelligence of multicultural teams and on existing and unexpected connections. This course will explore how to make this happen in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

Fabio Nascimbeni
Human capital development expert, European Training Foundation

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