E-Learning on Social Health Protection - Addressing inequities in access to health care

E-leaning on Social Health Protection - addressing inequities in access to health care

E-Learning on Social Health Protection - Addressing inequities in access to health care

O curso está disponível em English, Français
Key features

Connect with a global network of practitioners in an immersive digital learning environment


Successful candidates will obtain an ITCILO Certificate of Achievement


Course eligible for the Diploma for Social Protection Managers, allowing you to move one step closer to obtaining your recognition.

Apresentação do curso

Covid-19 has highlighted the fundamental importance of ensuring access to health care and income security for all, especially for vulnerable groups. Although many national social protection systems have been strengthened and access to health improved, the pandemic has uncovered significant gaps and inequities in coverage that will need to be urgently addressed. This timely course focuses on health coverage within the context of national social protection systems, including floors. The course will provide an overview of the objectives of social health protection and its contribution to reaching universal health coverage (UHC) and universal social protection (USP) in the context of the 2030 Agenda. It will examine the state of coverage and macro-trends at global and country levels, before exploring the guiding principles provided by ILO standards for the design and operationalization of social health protection schemes. The course will focus on the extension of the various dimensions of coverage and will provide insights on the technical options for coverage expansion.

Perfil dos participantes

The course is designed for executives, managers, planners, financial officers and other professionals responsible for healthcare and social health insurance schemes, in both governmental and non-governmental sectors. Representatives of employers' and workers' organizations are particularly welcome. The course primarily addresses the needs of practitioners and policymakers; however, individuals working in research roles within health financing systems will also benefit from participating in this training activity. The following requirements are therefore essential to participate in this course: - Ability to use and access a computer with internet - Working knowledge of written English or French.

What will I learn?
  • Global frameworks and strategies: to help contextualise national social health protection strategies and programmes.
  • Coverage extension and pooling: understand different approaches and technical options for extending coverage – especially to informal workers – and broadening risk pooling.
  • Revenue collection: explore, analyse and compare different models for revenue collection with practical examples and case studies.
  • Benefit packages: understand the formulation process – selecting a range of health interventions and cost coverage.
  • Purchasing: learn about different approaches to purchasing health services in the context of social health protection schemes.
  • Governance and administration: understand the importance of robust governance, management and administration of social health protection programmes to leverage the resources and structures offered by broader social protection and health systems.
  • Sustainable financing: to inform medium and longer term financing strategies for social health protection in the context of public financial management and social budgeting.
What will I be able to do?
  • Understand the role of social health protection in the context of national social protection systems, including floors.
  • Be conversant with global and regional deficits in health coverage and access as well as inequities across and within countries.
  • Identify the main design parameters and technical options to make the right to social health protection a reality for all.
  • Be better equipped when participating in the process of formulating and implementing policies aiming at reaching universal health coverage.
Why should I join?
  • Learn from international social health protection experts where you are, with no need to travel.
  • Join a global network of social protection and health professionals to share learning and best practices.
  • Engage in a highly interactive digital learning environment hosted on the ITCILO’s eCampus, offering a wealth of online resources, case studies, weekly live sessions led by highly experienced trainers, and individual and group exercises to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Successful participants receive an ITCILO Certificate of Achievement.
Participant voices

The course consists of a number of online modules offered through the eCampus online platform to be completed over a period of seven weeks from 20 February to 7 April 2023, for an estimated total of 60 learning hours. The course is offered in both English and French, with the aid of interpretation for some live sessions as well as two dedicated sessions in English and French each week.

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