Online course on conciliation/mediation of labour disputes

Online course on conciliation/mediation of labour disputes
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Online course on conciliation/mediation of labour disputes

24 Junio–12 Julio 2024
El curso está disponible en English
Key features

Innovative training methodologies and integrated use of digital learning technology


Join a virtual community of conciliation/mediation professionals from across the world to share knowledge and experiences


Successful participants will be awarded an ITCILO Certificate of Participation

Presentación del curso

Consensus-based conflict resolution methods can offer quick and effective solutions to labour disputes. The place of adversarial rights based processes is not in question. However, there is growing recognition of the value of effective consensus-based dispute resolution methods, including conciliation/mediation. An agreement reached through conciliation/mediation usually benefits all parties involved. Firstly, it creates an opportunity for disputing parties to find a mutually beneficial solution to a dispute when negotiation has failed. Secondly, the intervention of an independent conciliator/mediator often helps parties reduce the extent of their differences, establishing the foundations of a more cooperative relationship. Finally, when parties have agreed on the terms of the resolution to a dispute instead of having a decision imposed upon them by a third party, they are much more likely to comply with that outcome. Guided by the principles and values of the ILO, this course aims to provide participants with a set of solid skills and thorough knowledge of conflict resolution, with a specific focus on conciliation/mediation. Participants will explore the conflict dynamic. They will learn the different approaches to conflict resolution and the fundamental principles of conciliation/ mediation. Furthermore, they will familiarize themselves with the ITCILO four-step suggested conciliation/mediation process, develop and refine their soft skills.

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

The course is designed for staff of labour-dispute agencies and of ministries of labour involved in dispute prevention and resolution, employers' and workers' representatives, industrial relations experts and practitioners, labour lawyers, as well as conciliators/ mediators. Important requirement. All participants must be fluent in English, have a stable internet connection and all necessary equipment to take part in the webinars and interactive sessions (good internet connection, laptop or device with camera, microphone and audio setting).

What topics does this course cover?
  • Conflict dynamic and conflict management
  • Principles of conciliation/mediation
  • Soft skills for conciliation/mediation
  • Process management skills
  • Problem management skills
  • People skills
What will I be able to do?
  • Increase your technical knowledge of the foundational principles of the process of conciliation/mediation. 
  • Strengthen your understanding and analysis of the role and functions of the conciliator/mediator guided by experienced tutors.
  • Develop and apply key skills and techniques as conciliator/mediator thanks to the practical learning methodology.
  • Share knowledge and experience with peers and colleagues with different professional background and coming from all over the world thanks to group exercises and interactive activities.
Why should I join?
  • Put learning into practice thanks to the latest practical and interactive learning methodologies.
  • Receive guidance and feedback by experienced tutors, who are internationally recognised conciliators/mediators.
  • Join and interact with a diverse network of professionals engaging in issues related to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and conciliation/mediation.
  • Be exposed to a mix of training methods: lectures, plenary discussions, good practices, case studies, group work, and individual exercises.

This course is the standard course on conciliation/mediation of labour disputes. It lasts from 24 June to 12 July 2024 and foresees an overall time involvement of approximately 35 hours.

Participants will be given access to a dedicated e-platform on the E-Campus, the e-learning portal of the ITCILO, accessible through a laptop or any portable devices.

On this e-platform, participants will find the resources and the activities related to the modules of the course. The learning will be interactive and facilitated by a tutor, who will provide guidance and clarifications on topics and activities.

The course sessions will take place from 12:00 to 14:00 (UTC+1) Italy time according to the following schedule:

25 June, 26 June, 27 June, 2 July, 3 July, 4 July, 9 July, 10 July, 11 July

Attendance to the live sessions is mandatory and will be recorded. A minimum of 75% of participation is required in order to obtain the course certificate. Participants are expected to pencil these days in their diaries and to make all necessary arrangements to be able to regularly attend the sessions. Specifically, they should make sure to have a stable internet connection, a laptop or a computer with working video and audio settings (camera, microphone, and headset), and that the sessions are conducted in a suitable environment.

At the end of the course, participants will be asked to complete a final course work consisting of an essay, which will offer them the possibility to receive a Certificate of Participation.

Please note that this course is the standard course on conciliation/mediation offered by the ITCILO. Its successful completion is a requirement to attend the Certification Course on Conciliation/Mediation of Labour Disputes.

How to apply

Find the application form at and apply before 3 June 2024


975 Euros

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