Diploma for Social Protection Managers

Diploma for Social Protection Managers

The Diploma is available in English, Français

The Diploma for Social Protection Managers is a brand new initiative in the field of social protection capacity strengthening. Its central objective is to support the improvement of the administration and management of national social protection systems, through the training of skilled managers and inspirational leaders.


Diploma for Social Protection Managers


The social protection courses (offered online and face-to-face) listed here below are all eligible for the Diploma. Participants need to complete four of the qualified courses within a five-year period as well as the Capstone Project in order to earn the “Social Protection Manager” recognition.

Key features

Innovative training methodologies and integrated use of digital learning technology


Successful candidates will obtain an ITCILO Certificate of Achievement for each completed course


Participants completing four of the qualified courses and a Capstone Project will obtain the ITCILO Diploma for Social Protection Managers


Participants are national and international officials with a number of years’ experience who are committed to advance social protection through strong leadership and management. They should hold bachelor or advanced degrees, or equivalent work experience, and have a strong background in management, public administration, economics, political science, social science, finance, or related fields.


On achieving the Diploma for Social Protection Managers recognition, successful candidates will:

  • Have gained cutting edge knowledge and skills in core areas of social protection administration and management;
  • Be able to demonstrate the achievement through a recognised certification from the ITCILO; and
  • Be part of a growing network of social protection managers to serve as an ongoing platform for exchange.

During each of the four chosen courses, participants are immersed in a rich, intensive and flexible learning programme, which guarantees a steep learning curve in an international environment of knowledge exchange. It also provides a unique opportunity for networking with a large pool of social protection experts.

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