Employers' and Business Member Organizations speak on behalf of its members, and therefore businesses, vis-à-vis public authorities, trade unions, the media, academia, civil society and non-governmental organizations. EBMOs express opinions, negotiate bills, conduct studies and take joint initiatives with other organizations. It is therefore clear that EBMOs are first and foremost a business ... a communication business!


Have a look at our "hands-on" guide for Effective Employers' and Business Member Organizations on Communication.

Persuasive communication guide

Making the voice of business heard


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Persuasive Communication


During your strategic reviews exercises, go through our practical checklist to compare the status of your organization versus the best EBMOs communication practices and to make sure you keep on track in each element contributing to the organizations' success.

Checklist of best practice in reputation management

Additional tools

Our Additional Tools section is developed to further support Employers' and Business Member Organizations in becoming more and more relevant and effective by providing useful materials, documents and templates regarding Communication.


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