African Regional Academy on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

Academy on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
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African Regional Academy on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

An innovative learning journey to realize human rights at work

18–22 November 2024
The course is available in English, Français
Key features
Learn differently

With a combination of master classes, specialized electives, workshops and practical exerciseS

From various experts

Engage with specialists from ILO, ITCILO and external experts


Tailor-made to your needs

Combine Masterclasses with sessions from nine specialized electives


Introduction to the course

Fundamental principles and rights at work (FPRW) provide the foundation on which equitable and just societies are built and are the starting point for a fair globalization. This academy is an opportunity to learn and discuss about how to realize, promote and respect these principles. It will also propose some of the latest tools that can be used to face the challenges of a changing world of work drawing upon the latest innovative approaches, more effective policy formulation and implementation, supply chains governance and regulation, among others.

Who attends this course?

- Government representatives and public officers - Representatives from trade unions and employers' organizations - Other actors from the public and private sector, and the civil society - Staff from the ILO and other international organizations - Staff and representatives from African regional bodies, commissions and organizations

What topics does this academy cover?

This five-day training course will cover:

  • The five categories of FPRW, and their interconnected and mutually reinforcing nature
  • Innovative approaches to combating violations of FPRW 
  • Decent work, Social Inclusion and cross cutting strategies for the integration of all FPRW
What will I learn?

The Academy will offer master classes and elective sessions on:

  • The key principles of freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining
  • Tools to identify and tackle forced labour and trafficking in persons
  • Public and Private compliance initiatives to tackle child labour
  • Measures to promote diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination in the workplace
  • Measures to ensure a safe and healthy working environment
What will I be able to do?

Participants will learn how to: 

  • Enhance enforcement and compliance initiatives
  • Mitigate risks and promote fundamental principles and rights at work in supply chains
  • Draft national or sectoral policies and regulations supporting the realization of FPRW for all workers based on quality data
  • Understand OSH as a FPRW and how to develop strategies for the integration of all five categories
Why should I join?

The Academy offers a variety of learning settings :

  • Benefit from the Turin Centre innovative learning methods, including case studies, workshops, policy labs, active learning and online dialogue before the academy begins.
  • Engage with the other participants and facilitators, building on their diversity, in terms of background and experience.

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