Organizational Development and Project Services Programme


Organizational Development and Project Services Programme

From Skills to Impact: Driving Development Forward


ODPS, the ITCILO Centre of Excellence in Organizational Development and Project Management Services, is dedicated to enhancing the governance and management of development cooperation actors and partner institutions globally. This effort supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. ODPS serves entities associated with ILO, the UN, and beyond, through targeted institutional capacity-building services. These services are tailored for ILO constituents, UN staff, third sector development actors, and public sector leaders and managers. The programme offerings span certification, training, project management, and organizational development advisory services, available online, face-to-face, or in a blended format. They are designed to primarily enhance effectiveness at both the individual and organizational levels.

ODPS Highlights: 

1 500 participants reached annually: a dynamic community of development and management professionals who thrive on innovation and excellence.

10 Certification programmes: Designed to validate and enhance professional skills across critical disciplines of organizational development and project management.

1 Executive Diploma Programme Annually: A stepping stone to advance expertise and leadership in a field of specialisation.

1 Annual Signature Event: The Development Cooperation Academy, an annual large-scale event that merges learning with networking opportunities, setting the stage for global cooperation.

1 Master’s programme: A comprehensive curriculum designed and implemented in collaboration with the University of Turin, integrating the full spectrum of the team's knowledge into a pioneering management program tailored for the development sectors.

Large-Scale Project Management and Organizational Development Services: A team of dedicated and motivated professionals provides customized capacity-building project services, learning solutions, and advisory services. These consultancy services, aligned with real-world challenges and opportunities, ensure that its approaches remain relevant and impactful.

The programme expertise, products and services are structured around three main areas:

  • Programme and Project Cycle Management: Focused training, certification programmes and capacity development services.
  • Organizational Development and Advisory Services: Solutions for institutional capacity building, system design, change management, monitoring and evaluation, data analytics and knowledge management.
  • Project Management Services: Coordination and management of project identification, design, implementation, and evaluation processes. Implementation of consultancy services.

Experience the programme suite of six certification programmes, crafted to cover every phase of programme and project cycle management. Available in English, French, and selectively in Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Training and certification programmes include: 

  • Project Design
  • Effective Project Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Financial Management
  • Evaluation Fundamentals
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Governance of Development Cooperation

Professional Reach: The online and blended format ensures wide accessibility, complemented by on-demand, tailor-made courses. 

Diploma Pathway: Complete three chosen certifications and undertake a Capstone Project to earn the Executive Diploma in Development Cooperation, embodying practical knowledge application for broader impact. 

Development Cooperation Academy: A unique blend of certification courses and conference-style learning, reintroduced in 2023, and implemented annually. 

Master's Programme: A comprehensive programme that culminates in a university master’s degree in Management of Development.

Corporate Learning Partnership: Proudly offering a bespoke programme on Development Cooperation and Partnerships, Programming and on Evaluation Management to the ILO. 

Experience in a different specialized branch of ODPS, expertly combining certification and training programmes in Leadership, Results-Based Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Digital Transformation, Data Analysis, Team Building, and Development, paired with internal and external advisory services.

The offerings are extended through:

  • Facilitation of organizational meetings, retreats, and conferences.
  • Support for Change Management processes.
  • Conducting institutional capacity assessments, organizational diagnostics, and evaluations.
  • Designing data-driven solutions and Knowledge Management strategies.

Advisory Services: Available through both internal (ILO) and external channels, ODPS services are designed to comprehensively meet the client organization's ongoing, temporary, and ad hoc needs in additional expertise.

Organizational Development Services: A focused blend of diagnostic services and strategic implementation that lead to improved organizational practices and enhanced strategic outcomes.

Custom Data-Driven Solutions and Knowledge Management Services: Provision of advisory, capacity-building services and digital solutions to support evidence-based management, community of practices and knowledge network, tailored to meet the unique challenges of each client organization, programme or project.

Under this component on Project Management Services, ODPS serves as a hub that consolidates ITCILO tasks and experiences in the identification, design, implementation, and evaluation of projects undertaken by the Centre. The multicultural team of experts implements projects but also delivers comprehensive support across all phases of project development. The team is committed to:

  • Fostering global experience and cultural sensitivity.
  • Promoting continuous professional development.
  • Ensuring competitive pricing and quality assurance.
  • Assisting with proposal design and bidding processes.

ODPS as a demonstrated record of accomplishment in managing large-scale projects for the ITCILO in Asia, Africa, Europe and at global level and in providing expertise for managing or conducting independent project evaluations.

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Organizational Development and Project Services Programme

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