Lobbying and advocacy

Lobbying and Advocacy


Advocacy is the art of persuasion and influence underpinned by the science of robust, evidence-based policy positions. Advocating for a business environment conductive to enterprises creation and development is the core function of any EBMO. The key to effective advocacy is knowing what you stand for, what you want to achieve, who you will need to convince, and how you will go about it. 


Have a look at our "hands-on" guide for Effective Employers' and Business Member Organizations on Lobbying and Advocacy.

Advocacy and Lobbying

Being the voice of business

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Feel free to download our ready-made, customizable presentations on Lobbying and Advocacy: 

Lobbying and advocacy

Assessment of the business environment

Lobbying and advocacy


During your strategic reviews exercises, go through our practical checklist to compare the status of your organization versus the best EBMOs management practices and to make sure you keep on track in each element contributing to the organizations' success.

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Additional tools

Our Additional Tools section is developed to further support Employers' and Business Member Organizations in becoming more and more relevant and effective by providing useful materials, documents and templates regarding Lobbying and Advocacy.

  • Feel free to download our working guide on strategic communication based on research and evidence for more effective advocacy of Employers' and Business Member Organizations (drafted in 2017).
  • Feel free to download the presentation on Political Analysis for Professionals of Employers and Business Members Organizations. The following tools are presented: Political Map, List of Actors and Inventory of Their Resources, Analysis of Political Forces, Process Map of Politics, Micro Matrix for Political Decisions, Decision Tree.
  • Have a look on our eLearning module on Lobbying and Advocacy. This module proposes a step-by-step approach to developing a Lobbying and Advocacy strategy in the Employers' and Business Member Organization. It takes approx. 1 hour to complete the module. Free registration in ITCILO e-campus platform is needed to access the e-module (English, French, Spanish).
  • The ILO has devised an assessment tool, Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises (EESE), as a basis for providing evidence-based recommendations on how to improve the business-enabling environment. This tool focuses on the political, economic, social and environmental aspects of doing business
  • Get some hints on lobbying and advocacy by watching this excerpt of lesson given by Mr O'Reilly, former CEO of Business New Zealand, during the Master Training on the effective Business Member Organization, Turin 2016  

Watch a selection of Lobbying and Advocacy related videos