Learning Innovation Programme


Learning Innovation Programme

Training events, learning tools, and media services for the ITCILO, partners, and clients

This programme provides training to promote innovative technologies and methodologies for the future of work.

The programme organizes training-of-trainers activities and creates capacity development packages, including digital and print materials. 

It also produces digital media and design services through customizable projects, such as digital reports, event websites, and knowledge facilities. 

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Within the Centre, Learning Innovation has a double mandate:

  • to strengthen the Centre’s in-house capacity to apply state-of-the-art learning and knowledge-sharing methods and technology, and
  • to provide e-Learning services to outside partners on a global scale.

Learning Innovation is specialized in technology-enhanced learning services often offered as part of larger capacity-development packages:

  • instructional design services for the creation of virtual sessions (self-paced, tutored or blended) such as e-Learning modules, e-Learning courses and platforms
  • creation of instructional materials, facilitation guides and digital toolkits
  • delivery and facilitation of virtual sessions (self-paced, tutored or blended) such as webinars, fully tutored online courses and MOOCs
  • set up, management and moderation of online learning communities and networks
  • design of bespoke online learning sites and platforms
  • design of virtual reality experiences
  • design, development and facilitation of serious games

Learning Innovation's clients include UN agencies, development banks, international organizations, governments and NGOs.

Human beings have a great potential that cannot be underexploited with passive educational approaches. Within the Centre, Learning Innovation contributes to capacity development at the international level, with innovative learning proposals, tools, methods and  technologies for educators and capacity-buidling professionals to guarantee the full development of their participants in a stimulating, multisensory and participative environment.

Learning Innovation designs, delivers and facilitates international Training of Trainers’ Certification Programmes as a Forum for trainers and teachers to meet and discuss structural challenges, with the purpose of identifying and experiencing strategies to make a difference within their educational culture.


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